Glad to have you join in on the latest edition of "The Yard Talk" series. If you're visiting because you enjoy and agree with some of the things that makes me go "Eeeeeeeeh?!?" or enjoy the home-like, backyard element that is served on the table... Thank you for chipping in to the potluck. I will be responsible for bringing up the things that you want to say but can't because twitter only allows you 140 characters at a time.

Either you saw me perform and have wanted to find out more about me, you wanna get a taste of "The Yard Sauce", or I'm probably standing right in front of you, in an intimidating fashion, strongly urging you to check out my site, staring at you to make sure you do it... Helllloooooo?!?... I'M WAAAAAITING...  !!!  In any case, I'll make sure that it's all YARD TALK and not a serving less!